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IGNOU Re-Registration July 2024 Session All Details

IGNOU Re-Registration July 2024 Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), re-registration is a process that allows students already enrolled in a particular program to continue their studies in the following years or semesters. It is mandatory for students to re-register for each academic session to maintain enrollment and progress in their chosen programs. Some of the main points related to re-registration in IGNOU are as follows...

IGNOU Re-Registration July 2024

Every year lakhs of students are admitted to IGNOU and most of the students do not know that after being admitted to any master's degree or bachelor's degree program of IGNOU, they have to do re-registration also. Due to a lack of correct information, many students lose one year or six months.

What is Re-Registration?

IGNOU Re-Registration is the process through which students who are already enrolled in a bachelor's degree or master's degree program at IGNOU can re-register for their admission for the next year/semester. Re-registration is required to continue your studies at IGNOU.


During the Re-Registration process, students have to apply along with the required fees to IGNOU. The application form can be downloaded from the IGNOU website and the fee can be paid online or through demand draft. It is important to note that re-registration is mandatory to continue your studies at IGNOU, and failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your admission.

Re-Registration Portal Link - Click Here

Before applying for Re-Registration, students should ensure that they have completed all the required courses and assignments for the previous semester/year. If any courses or assignments are pending, students must complete them before the re-registration deadline to avoid any delay in the re-registration process.

If you are a student of a bachelor's degree or master's degree program, then getting re-registration done is compulsory. If you do not get re-registration done at the right time, then one year or six months of your time may be lost. So that is why you should get your re-registration done at the right time.

And if your program is of one year or any certificate program & diploma program of six months. So you do not have to do re-registration because when you take admission, everything is completed for you.


Overall, Re-Registration is an important process to continue your studies at IGNOU and should be completed on time to avoid any disruption in your academic progress.

IGNOU Re-Registration Fees?

You can check the re-registration fee online on the admission portal. On the admission portal, you are told how much fee you will have to submit for re-registration per year or semester. The link to the Admission Portal is given here (Click Here).

IGNOU Re-Registration Last Date for July 2024?

Whenever Re-Registration starts, you will be given time to do Re-Registration for at least three months. You have to get re-registration done online. From this portal of IGNOU https://ignou.samarth.edu.in. Re-registration for the July 2024 session may be started in May Month.

IGNOU Re-Registration Status

After getting the online re-registration done, you can also check its status online for which you will have to login to your account on the Student Management Portal. And to login to the account, you have to enter your Enrollment Number and Program Code. (Click here) to go to Student Management Portal.

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